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Community Owned Goals serve as objectives

 that offer the potential of bringing necessary

services into existing structures and making

them acceptable to the population. Our

community resources include career

development, financial education, and more

for families and individuals to accomplish

goals, live happy, and empower

for a healthier community.




Overflow’s financial empowerment program is the practice for the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective financial decisions with all of our financial resources. Our financial literacy practices enhance the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and long-term financial goal planning.



Transitioning into society can be hard and if the credit report reflects no activity or negative activity then it makes it harder for the person reentering the community to be successful. While in clinical therapy we also promote and provide Financial Literacy and Education to our members to ensure upon completion of our program each member will be able apply for purchasing a home with our development community. 


Those members of our program can work within the city with our lawn service. With over 50 homes on the roster the work is constant, and the opportunity is broad. We are always looking for compassionate members to work on this program as we host Community clean-ups and provide other services to seniors and veterans in the area that own or rent their home to have their lawn maintenance taken care of by Overflow Lawn Care Service. This service includes installing grass and flowers for beautification projects as well. 


Members of this program will be trained on site. After the three-month period they can choose to start their own personal mobile lawn service or continue to work and contract services with overflow and be compensated weekly.  



Our auto detail shop is a self-motivated program that gives each member an opportunity to build community relationships and increase self-marketing skills by offering top shelf detailing and cleaning services for cars, vans, and trucks. Members of the program are trained and certified as car wash techs and maintain a 75-point inspection for every detailed service we offer. There are three bays for the detail process, two of the bays are dedicated for washing and tinting. The other bay is used for drying and vacuuming each vehicle after the detail process. 

Members of this program will be trained on site. After the three-month period they can choose to start their own personal mobile carwash or continue to work and contract services with overflow and be compensated weekly. 


Overflow’s career empowerment program is a career development program that empowers the community’s economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people in the community rather than businesses. It essentially develops a human-resources strategy to help educate and bring financial sustainability for the ones who are in need.


Our Uhaul ReEntry program is more than work! It’s a mindset for business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs who seek to invest time and effort in opening a successful business that could aid an existing business or operation that’s in business looking to expand or gain more customers through uhaul rentals. The program is a three-month commitment with the expectations to transfer out to a mainstream uhaul location, franchise a spot or location with overflow, or start their own personal Uhaul business for themselves. We guarantee that in the three-month time span our member will effectively know how to


Communicate with Customers for Rentals In-Person or Over the Phone  

Efficient in check-out and check-in process and protocol 

Efficient in check-in and check-out process for vehicles 

Efficient vehicle inspection 

Efficient in equipment rentals and returns 


After the three-month work history and good reports, Overflow takes the initiative to reach out and reference everyone that successfully passes the course. If the member has a location and space available, Overflow will supply the necessary tools for that individual to make their business successful. This includes business cards, flyers, a website, and other promotional items that individual can use to be as successful as Overflow has become with the program. 


Our food truck is an opportunity for future chefs and culinary experts that are re-entering the community after jail or prison. Members of the program can work on the food truck during business hours to gain employment and income, but most of all show their personal culinary skills using the items offered on the commissary list. This three-month program is not a permanent position but actually a steppingstone for those re-entering the community to continue to do what they love to do daily. The commissary kitchen has special events and community engagement gatherings to assist sales and community interaction. After the three-month work period is up, we refer workers to culinary opportunities throughout the city. 


Able to Communicate with Customers for orders In-Person or Over the Phone  

Efficient in ordering system for customer food orders 

Efficient in check-in and check-out process for customers who dine outside  

Efficient in handling Customers Complaints and Orders  

Efficient in assisting with catering events and on-campus events 



A CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, is a healthcare professional who provides basic care to patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). CNAs are sometimes referred to as nurse aides, patient care technicians, or nursing assistants. They assist with daily patient care tasks like dressing, bathing, and checking patient vital signs.

Medical Assistants-

Certified-Phlebotomy Training

Medical assistants are caregivers who support doctors or healthcare professionals mainly in clinics or medical offices. They assist with administrative and clinical duties like taking a patient's history and personal information, scheduling appointments, answering the phone or even checking a patient's vitals. Medical assisting is one of the fastest-growing careers because of the growing elderly population and the surge in doctors' offices and outpatient care facilities.



Narcan Training 

Know the Law Training 

Safe Place  

Entrepreneurship Learning 

Resume Building 

Construction Ready 


Case Management 

Community Resources  

Food Pantry

Community Barbershop 


Our effective programs implement prevention, intervention, education and socioeconomic status that affect the health of individuals and communities.  Our community resource center helps to strengthen families with a purpose of promoting a healthier community.


Be apart of our community forum, schedule appointments and review available information

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