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Community Peer Specialists Needed!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to engage and with your community and receive certified medical training. Our Pensacola location is now seeking Peer Specialists to join our team.

Training available! Certifications Include:

  1. HIV Tester and Counselor Training

  2. CPR and First Aid Training

  3. Level Two Medical Background Check


What Do Peer Support Specialists Do?

Peer support specialists help with this process and provide other services, including reducing stigma, improving a person’s quality of life in recovery, and reducing the need for certain health services. For example, research shows that this layer of support can lower emergency room visits, reduce treatment readmission rates, and decrease hospital visits in people in recovery.

The role or work of a peer support specialist may include:

  • Cultivating relationships built on trust, respect, empathy, mutual experience, and

offer support through validation, encouragement, empowerment, and highlighting strengths.

  • Sharing their personal experience (when appropriate) to inspire.

  • Recognizing a person's personal beliefs, cultural values, previous experiences, and individual needs.

  • Providing education about recovery, advocating for oneself, and how to navigate treatment or the healthcare system.

  • Assisting during crises by discussing warning signs, healthy coping, and sharing resources

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