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Simply Healthcare  

Every year during our founding month we take the time to honor and recognize our key sponsors that assist us with marketing, advertising and so much more to make our program a continued success. This year Overflow has chosen @Simply Health Care to receive our Sponsor of the year Sponsor of the Year Award. We are grateful and excited to continue this partnership!!

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Sponsor of the Year 2023

Recognition goes throughout the entire year! We are excited to announce the 2023 sponsor of the year award goes to Simply Healthcare. Since overflow has existed Simply Healthcare along with Clear Health alliance has been a top sponsor and advocate of the many outreach events, and educational seminars we have hosted for children young adults adults and seniors. Our events are all different and they are all created for a meaningful impact on the community we serve. We proud to say that simply healthcare and clear health alliance both have been an awesome support system. We solute your efforts and we are grateful for the partnership.


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